Just getting started, but taking a break.

Last week I was full steam ahead on blogging two days a week! I had so many ideas rolling around in my head and I could not get them down on paper fast enough.

Then life got a little busier and I kept on forgetting my ideas or I wouldn’t feel like writing them down. I was tired and I jumped onto blogging way to fast. I thought more about number of views than people sitting at their computer reading my thoughts on the internet. I was becoming obsessed! I become obsessed a lot, especially with new things that are around me. I never thought of myself as the type of person to become obsessed with anything but the more that I think about the past, the more I see the obsessive behaviors.

If you have read my last post, you already know that I am a perfectionist. Obsession and perfectionism go hand in hand. I get excited about a new fad or object, get all these crazy ideas in my head, then I want to do it all perfectly with the scenario that I have already composed in my head. But life does NOT work that way. I should have that figured out by now. I am the person who is still banging their head with a mallet despite it hurting but I can not seem to stop myself because maybe if I hit it on the side of my head instead of the front, it will hurt less than hitting it on the front of my head. Can anyone relate to that?

So rather posting this on Monday, I thought I would post it today because I am trying to break out of my perfectionist ways. I will not be posting anymore blogs for a month. I feel that God wants me to step away from technology. I have been too heavily reliant on my phone and computer and not spending time in prayer and devotions with Him. Taking this month off should get me back to why I started writing these in the first place, not for the numbers but even if it is just for that one other person reading my blog and relating to what the words on this page. Let me ask you one question before I go, are you listening to God when He is talking to you, or are your idols blocking His words from reaching you?

Hope to be back in a month!