New Years Resolutions

As the end of the year approaches I start thinking about the next year and ALL the resolutions that I can make. The past couple of years I haven’t made any resolutions because I honestly did not want to break them all by the end of the month. This year I have a better mindset of what I want goals I want to set. They have to be reachable because if the goals become too complicated, then I will forget about them.

I have decided to put them on my blog as a reminder to myself. In a month or even next year if I achieve even one of my resolutions, I will be happy with myself. That is what the resolutions have to be. Progress. Growth. Something that has changed you even a little bit for the better.

Here are my resolutions:

1. Spend more intentional/relationship time with Jesus. Being a christian isn’t a religion, it is a relationship with Jesus. I want Him to become my close friend, rather than someone I run to when I become overwhelmed.

2. Have a regular exercise routine. (Isn’t this on everyone’s new years resolutions?) I want to workout at least three times a week. I signed up for a 10k run at the end of May so this resolution will be important for me to do well in my run.

3. Spend my time wisely A.K.A not procrastinating. I am starting school again this next month so I need to make sure that I have all my assignments and readings done. Procrastination for me is a BIG one. I know when I procrastinate and even though it bothers me, I continue to do it. I put too many items on my plate and when it gets too full I ignore it instead of taking some items off.

4. Make my bed everyday! Sometimes the simplest ones are the hardest!

5. Cook more meals at home. Practice cooking with some new recipes and find some healthy staple recipes to cook with. This is a difficult one because I usually cook for myself and have a lot of leftovers. I want to enjoy cooking more instead of it being such a chore for me.

6. Set a Budget. This will be the first time that I will be going to school and not living at home so there are a lot more expenses this next year. When I make money I tend to spend it pretty quick instead of putting it away. I want to be able to still make money while I am at school. That can work, right?

There we have it! Five attainable resolutions that I will work towards in the new year! What are some of your new years resolutions? Or do you skip the resolutions? Happy 2015!


Trying something new! My Friday Faves

I have been trying to figure out what to write about for three weeks now. I think it has been difficult for me to write something because I was busy getting ready for Christmas. (Now I am just making excuses. I was blog surfing around and I saw that people were writing about their favourite things on Friday so that I what I am going to start doing every Friday.

Let’s get started shall we?

My Friday Faves!

1. Chunky knit infinity scarves!

Where I live it gets really cold (well not really but I do get cold in the winter time). These scarves are so stylish yet keep me warm. I love them so much!!

2. Adult Onesies!

Keeping with the warm theme! I seriously love onesies! I only have one right now (haha I am so funny!) I like the ones that don’t have the feet with them that way I can wear slippers with them.

3. Christian Non fiction books.

I just got The meaning of Marriage: by Timothy Keller and Prayer: by Timothy Keller for Christmas this year. I haven’t read them but I heard good things about them. I also love Joyce Meyer. She is just an amazing lady and any of her books are a great read.

4. Podcasts

My church has a podcast and when I can’t make it to church then I can listen to the sermons. Also Joyce Meyer has a podcast that is great and Focus on the Family is always a good go to podcast and they are only thirty minutes long.


I have always enjoyed Instagram but I still love it! It can never get old for me. Follow me on Instagram @l@lindseyh510lindseyh510

Hope you enjoyed my favourites! What are some of your favourites? Any from this list?

Back to Blogging!

I am back with another blog post! November just flew and I am very excited to be blogging again.

I love the month of December, other than it being cold here. Christmas is on its way and that makes me very excited! Now before I moved out of my parents home, Christmas was not my favourite time of year. I did NOT like Christmas music, or decorations until later on in December. I do not know why I was so against it when I lived at home.

When I moved out a few years ago, I got so excited! There is something about Christmas that just makes me smile now. I think that now that I have a place of my own to decorate and that I do not live with more of my family, I cherish the time when we do see each other. Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays! Those are the times when we all get together again.

What is your favourite time holiday? Do you get to spend it with your loved ones? Make sure you cherish the times you have with your family, especially when you live at home because time goes quickly. Hug your family today or tell them you love them! They never will get tired of hearing it from you!