Back to Blogging!

I am back with another blog post! November just flew and I am very excited to be blogging again.

I love the month of December, other than it being cold here. Christmas is on its way and that makes me very excited! Now before I moved out of my parents home, Christmas was not my favourite time of year. I did NOT like Christmas music, or decorations until later on in December. I do not know why I was so against it when I lived at home.

When I moved out a few years ago, I got so excited! There is something about Christmas that just makes me smile now. I think that now that I have a place of my own to decorate and that I do not live with more of my family, I cherish the time when we do see each other. Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays! Those are the times when we all get together again.

What is your favourite time holiday? Do you get to spend it with your loved ones? Make sure you cherish the times you have with your family, especially when you live at home because time goes quickly. Hug your family today or tell them you love them! They never will get tired of hearing it from you!


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