Trying something new! My Friday Faves

I have been trying to figure out what to write about for three weeks now. I think it has been difficult for me to write something because I was busy getting ready for Christmas. (Now I am just making excuses. I was blog surfing around and I saw that people were writing about their favourite things on Friday so that I what I am going to start doing every Friday.

Let’s get started shall we?

My Friday Faves!

1. Chunky knit infinity scarves!

Where I live it gets really cold (well not really but I do get cold in the winter time). These scarves are so stylish yet keep me warm. I love them so much!!

2. Adult Onesies!

Keeping with the warm theme! I seriously love onesies! I only have one right now (haha I am so funny!) I like the ones that don’t have the feet with them that way I can wear slippers with them.

3. Christian Non fiction books.

I just got The meaning of Marriage: by Timothy Keller and Prayer: by Timothy Keller for Christmas this year. I haven’t read them but I heard good things about them. I also love Joyce Meyer. She is just an amazing lady and any of her books are a great read.

4. Podcasts

My church has a podcast and when I can’t make it to church then I can listen to the sermons. Also Joyce Meyer has a podcast that is great and Focus on the Family is always a good go to podcast and they are only thirty minutes long.


I have always enjoyed Instagram but I still love it! It can never get old for me. Follow me on Instagram @l@lindseyh510lindseyh510

Hope you enjoyed my favourites! What are some of your favourites? Any from this list?


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