Discipline and Training

“No discipline seems pleasant at the time, put painful. Later on, however it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.”  Hebrews 12:11

Having discipline in life is difficult. People want things to happen now with no training or work to get them where they need to be. I know that in my life discipline is very hard for me. This year has been an eye opening experience. I have had to work on discipline a lot more in my life.

I have always wanted to run a 5k or 10k but I have never looked into anything. I was chatting with my friend one lovely evening and she informed me that she signed up for a half marathon! I was quite impressed that she signed up to run a half marathon. She encouraged me to sign up for a 10k. I thought to myself that I MAY sign up for a 5k because I could probably run it just fine but NO WAY could I run a 10k. Throughout that whole week I could not stop thinking about signing up for a 10k. Could I actually run a 10k? Would I be able to make it? It was much more of a challenge than a 5k would be. I convinced myself that I could run a 10k so after a couple more days of thinking it over I signed up for a 10k!

I am so excited for it! I know that I have to be dedicated and disciplined in my training so that I can make it through my run. I haven’t felt like I have had an exciting challenge in my life and I know that signing up for the run makes me accountable so I will succeed!

God wants us to have discipline in our lives. He wants us to live full lives with boundaries and knowing that we can control ourselves. I hope that this discipline in my running will spread to other areas of my life that need more discipline also. Are there areas in your life that God has asked you to be trained better in? Does He want you to have more discipline in your life?

Have a great week!

Would you like to hear more about training for my 10k? Leave a comment or like this blog.


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