Thoughts on a page

Today’s post is going to be a random off the top of my head post. Sometimes I will try and plan out my post so that there is a format to┬áit or that people will like it. The truth for starting my blog not to have structured posts but just my thoughts out on a page that people can read my post and relate to what I am saying, connecting with each other.

My mind goes through so many thoughts throughout the day. Some can be positive happy thoughts, while other thoughts are negative. They can even been neutral random thoughts not making any sense at all. I can always get caught up in my head and analyse what I am thinking. Why do I think these thoughts? What does it mean when I think this way? Sometimes thinking about what I am thinking about can consume me. I become exhausted in my own thoughts wondering if others think this way. I try and stay in the moment but when my thoughts go on a tangent I can become lost and sidetracked.

When I don’t do my devotions in the morning or pray to God I notice even more so how my thoughts become consumed about myself. Intentionally being in the moment and listening to what people are actually saying is something that I strive to work on each day. Yes, it is always a good thing to process what they are saying but LISTEN to them. God didn’t just make one human in the world, he made nations full of people. He made us to live in community. He wants us to talk and LISTEN to one another. Whenever I am in community with other Christians, I have peace and joy in my heart. We can rely on each other and help each other in our walk with Jesus. I use to compare myself with others in their faith. I thought that there was a ladder that you had to climb to be the best Christian out there. This is false. Just like everyone has different gifts, we all have different fruits. We can choose to stay silent and let the devil win or we can speak life into people. Share our trials and our triumphs. When you open up to others, it gives them an invitation to do the same.